Monday marks 36th anniversary of deadly PanAm crash in Kenner

KENNER, La. -- Monday (July 9) marks the 36th anniversary of the PanAm Flight 759 crash in Kenner.

The plane took off from the New Orleans airport during a severe thunderstorm on July 9, 1982, crashing into Morningside Park subdivision about half-a-mile east of the runway just before 5 p.m. The flight was going from New Orleans to Las Vegas.

All 146 people on board the plane died, as did eight people who lived in the subdivision.

The crash is believed to have been caused by a microburst of wind during the storm.

Amid the wreckage was the "miracle baby" of Flight 759, Melissa Trahan. She was 16 months old and found lying on her baby mattress with only minor burns.

At the time of the crash in 1982, it was the second deadliest plane crash in U.S. history.

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