How to be added to Jefferson Parish’s ‘Do Not Toss’ list

METAIRIE, LA — Residents of unincorporated Jefferson Parish will soon be able to register on a ‘Do Not Toss’ list to reduce unsolicited printed materials from appearing on their lawns.

The move specifically targets newspaper-like circulars that show up for free — and without any subscription — on lawns and sidewalks.

The parish says the decision to create the list follows concerns from residents who say that the circulars can be an unnecessary burden for senior citizens who sometimes must walk on unstable, grassy surfaces to collect them.  Also, the parish says other residents complained that the unsolicited circulars could tip-off burglars that nobody is home or could float into catch basins, clogging them during heavy rain events.

In order to be added to the list, a resident must visit the program’s website and register.  Also, the resident must live in an unincorporated area of Jefferson Parish.

Once on the list, the parish says it could take as many as 30 days to discontinue delivery of the unsolicited materials.

The parish also says that the ‘Do Not Toss’ list does not apply to materials that are brought to the door of a home, placed in mailboxes, or hand delivered to a person.

Councilwoman Jennifer Van Vrancken offered the ordinance.

“While many of our residents look forward to community news and local sale advertisements, others sought a solution for what they consider unnecessary dangers on their private property,” Van Vrancken says in a written statement announcing the new program. “This ‘Do Not Toss’ list finds harmony between free speech and personal preference while reducing threats to our community.”


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