Hey barista, could I get a cup of coffee! Wait, you’re NO barista!

NEW ORLEANS -  The coffee is the best.

That's why the lines are long at French Truck Coffee.

That's why baristas are busy.

But wait!  Look behind the counter working at French Truck Coffee at 217 Chartres Street.

It's not a barista.

It's a robot.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood bellies up to the coffee bar for a cup of the robot's best.

The robot has a name.

The robot is called Poursteady.

It's a pour-over coffee machine that combines precision with speed and reliability.

Poursteady is a good barista.

Poursteady does not complain.  Poursteady does not ask for holidays off.

Poursteady does as Poursteady is asked by every coffee customer.  It's a pour over is a single cup of coffee.  It's ground coffee in a filter with hot water poured on top.

That's the pour over.

At French Truck Coffee, Alex Palumbo-Green is the boss of Poursteady.

Alex admires his robot employee.

Customers who drink coffee brewed by a robot say, "wow, I never would have known, it's actually delicious."

French Truck Coffee has three New Orleans locations.

One is at 1200 Magazine Street.

Another French Truck Coffee location is at 4536 Dryades Street.

And then the 217 Chartres Street location where the robot is behind the coffee counter.

French Truck Coffee has been in business in New Orleans for the last five years.

The robot came on board in the last year.

French Truck Coffee by the bag of beans is old across the country, even as far away as Alaska.








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