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Look who’s swimming for the gold medal by doing 150 push-ups every day

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NEW ORLEANS -  He's ready.

Ty Breaux is ready for the Olympics, that is.

Ty  is warming up for the Olympics.

He's warming up by also cooling down with WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood at the New Orleans Athletic Club.

Ty Breaux is in the pool when he says to Wild Bill, "I'm ready for the Olympics!"

And Wild Bill says to Ty, "the gold medal is ready for you!"

That's why Ty Breaux is now one of Wild Bill's Amazing Kids brought to you by your friends who love amazing kids.

Those are the good folks from The Keating Law Firm.

Ty takes off in the swimming pool at the New Orleans Athletic Club where he really is an athlete in the pool.

Ty Beaux is a 6-foot, 145-pound fish.

He's a shark, which is not a fish, but gives you an idea of his intensity in the water here at New Orleans Athletic Club or any swimming pool where Ty decides to swim.

Wild Bill asks Ty Breaux, "why did you want to swim?"

Ty says, "I wanted to swim because it's the thing that I am most good at."

And he is good.

So good, Ty is 19 and one of six members of the swimming team with the Louisiana Special Olympics.

Ty says another reason he likes to swim, "I feel free when I swim."

Ty Breaux trains with his coach.

His swimming coach is Taylor Wall.

That's Coach Taylor to Ty Breaux.

Ty trains with Coach Taylor twice a week, every week.

And then on Sundays, Ty does doubles.

Coach Taylor says about Ty, "I think Ty is one of our best examples of a dedicated swimmer."

Coach Taylor also says that besides swimming, "he does his pushups every night."

Oh yes, the push-ups.

The push-ups are every day.

They're a big part of Ty's Olympic dream.

"How many of these do you do every day?" Wild Bill wonders.

Ty Breaux says to Wild Bill, "I do five sets of 30 every day."

Wild Bill reacts, "that's 150?!"

Ty Breaux says , "yea."

Ty Breaux is autistic.

He's been swimming toward the Special Olympics and his dream since he was 13 years old.

He knows, he's not just swimming, he's also inspiring the rest of us.

Ty says, "I inspire people with my kindness."

And you know what, his backstroke is not bad either.

Ty heads to the Special Olympics in Seattle and then he's got his swimsuit ready for the world games in Dubai.

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