NOLA Craft Beer Experience: 504 Craft Beer Reserve

NEW ORLEANS -- 504 Craft Beer Reserve is a little different from the breweries we've previewed so far, this place is a bottle shop. In fact, it's the first dedicated beer store in the state.

"We offer everything as a single, so you can mix and match. We want people to get as much variety as possible," says Patrick Brown with 504 Craft Beer Reserve.

Everything in 504 Craft Beer Reserve is arranged by style. From sours, to fruit, wheat and ciders, to pale ales and pilsners, you won't leave this place empty handed. Plus, there are 14 beers on tap, so you can drink and shop here if you like.

We taste tested Jucifer from Gnarley Barley.

"This is probably the most popular style of beer, certainly as an IPA and then when you add into this, this style of beer is more tropical, more citrus, more juicy. It's definitely a little easier to drink and universally liked,” says Brown.

504 Craft Beer Reserve is part of the NOLA Craft Beer Experience. For $49, you get different craft beers at 10 locations around town. You'll get two flights or equivalent of 40 ounces at each participating brewery or pub, about $200 worth of craft beer!