Cuomo announces multi-state lawsuit over family separations

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced on Tuesday that New York state and more than a dozen other states are suing the federal government over the separation of families at the border.

“What he (the President) is doing with families on the border, separating children, violates the Constitution,” Cuomo told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. “Our position is it violates the Constitution, violates due process, violates equal protection and violates the Administrative Procedure Act.

“New York and 15 other states are suing the federal government today on that basis,” Cuomo said.

New York state announced last week plans to file suit against the Trump administration over family separations. In a statement last week, Cuomo’s office said it was suing to “protect the health and well-being of children” held in New York and elsewhere.

“We’re asking a federal district court to stop the federal government from this policy of separating families,” Cuomo said Tuesday.

Democrats have harshly criticized the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy, which is leading to the separation of migrant families. President Donald Trump signed an executive order last week that he said would help stop the separation of undocumented families at the border after an intense backlash over the practice.

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