‘Eric the Eyebrowman’ makes you feel right at home at Palm’s Barbershop

NEW ORLEANS -- When people come to visit Palm's Barbershop, they come for "Eric the Eyebrowman."

"When you come, you're going to feel like you're at home," says barber and eyebrow specialist, Eric Soniat.

Eric says his dream was to come up with a special way to give customer's the perfect arch without using traditional styling methods.

That's why he uses clippers and a razor blade.

"I do the top of the eyebrows with the liners, and come at the bottom with the razor, and clean them up.  It comes out beautiful, the most beautiful job you ever saw on an eyebrow.  It doesn't hurt.  It's not like waxing or threading.  It doesn't hurt at all.  Just one swipe of the razor and it's over with," says Soniat.

He says this way of cleaning up your brows will help them grow thicker.

After leaving his chair, he hopes the outcome will really make you say wow to your brow.

"It does something totally different to the face, it's like getting a face lift. It just, it brings joy to peoples heart seeing them look in the mirror. They are like, 'wow, is this me?' says Soniat.

Palm's Barbershop is taking it's uniqueness to new heights with a mobile barber shop.

In the meantime, the shop is in Gentilly, at 2111 Caton.

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