When he’s done with ballet & Babe Ruth, this kid will keep you in stitches

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NEW ORLEANS -  He could be the next Calvin Klein.

That's what WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood says to James Favor, a twelve-year-old from New Orleans who's spending the summer as a busy guy before he heads into the sixth grade in the fall.

James Favor makes a slight correction to Wild Bill's Calvin Klein comment, he says, "maybe not Calvin Klein, I would actually like to be more like Christian Dior."

James Favor is now one of Wild Bill's Amazing Kids brought to you by your friends at The Keating Law Firm.

The story starts at home around their New Orleans breakfast table. That's whereJames Favor and big brother Springer chow down and chit chat about every from grades to coaches.

For fifteen-year-old Springer Favor, who's a student at Jesuit High School, it's all about his baseball coach.

For James, his coach shows him how to belt it out like the Broadway superstar that it surely sounds like he was born to be.

That is unless James Favor decides to leave the world in stitches.

That's his own stitches.

James Favor has a sewing machine set up right there in his bedroom.

These days, James mostly makes his own costumes, now decorating the dining room table after he wore them on stage.

And he's ready for any role that requires dancing. That's  why the boy takes ballet.

And to make sure he's graceful and always with good hair, James makes his own wigs.

There's the pink hambre wig, the neck short pink wig. the blue curly wig and his afro.

If you wonder what inspires him. ask him.

James Favor has a quote that says, "never let the fear of striking out get in your way by Babe Ruth."

He changes it a little to say, "never let the fear of an audience get in your way by James Favor.

James Favor is also the kind of kid you can quote.

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