Video shows how NOPD officers ‘keep their cool’ in out-of-control Bourbon Street brawl

NEW ORLEANS -- Five people who had taken a party bus from Mississippi to New Orleans were arrested Saturday night after a big brawl on Bourbon Street that injured two NOPD officers and sent almost a dozen officers scrambling to break up the fight.

NOPD Superintendent Michael Harrison said the group had just been kicked out of The Swamp in the 500 block of Bourbon Street for fighting, and the fight continued outside in front of Razoo.

NOPD officers, who are stationed on every block of Bourbon Street on busy Saturday nights, rushed to break up the fight, but the video shows the out-of-towners attacking NOPD officers and continuing to brawl outside.

One of the people involved in the fight pulled out a gun and walked back and forth behind the officers with it, but eventually put it back in his waist.

Several other NOPD officers came to the scene to help, including to officers from the Mounted Division. One of those officers tased one of the suspects in the fight.

Harrison said the video reflects intensive training that NOPD officers undergo to deescalate these kinds of situations.

"They're keeping their cool," he said.

One of the officers was kicked in the groin, and another officer went to a local hospital to have his hip checked out after the fight.

The five people, all of whom were from Mississippi and Florida, were booked on various battery and weapons charges.