Millennials are expressing regret over their hipster baby names

NEW YORK, NY -- The New York Post reports that millennials are expressing regret over their hipster baby names. From Tove - pronounced TOH-vah to Kairo or Zayd, Oaklynn or even Paisleigh...

Baby naming site reports that “People are working a lot harder to come up with a name that is really distinctive and has a lot of personal meaning.”

"Meanwhile, dooming their child to a life of spelling it for other people."

Ensley is last year’s fastest-growing name for girls and it’s popularity is credited to being the name of one of the babies on MTV’s Teen Mom.

Melania, like our First Lady, jumped from #1650 on the Social Security Administration’s popular baby names list to #930.

And for boys, there was a rise in the name Ledger. This name has two suggested nicknames on “Edge” and “Ledge-Hammer.”

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