Former Orleans Parish DA Eddie Jordan suspected of smuggling drugs to client in court

Eddie Jordan

NEW ORLEANS — Former U.S. Attorney and former Orleans Parish District Attorney Eddie Jordan is the target of an investigation involving contraband apparently intended for an inmate he represented at Criminal District Court, according to the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Jordan, now in private practice, is accused of handing an envelope to his client, an inmate at the Orleans Parish Jail, while in court. A courtroom deputy saw Jordan hand over the envelope. Investigators found drugs in the envelope, OPSO said.

“This incident highlights the constant efforts made to introduce contraband into our facility even by attorneys,” Sheriff Marlin Gusman said in a prepared statement. “We commend Deputy Wilbert Charles and Deputy Prisca Christopher’s diligent efforts to ensure that this contraband never successfully made it into the hands of an inmate.”

Jordan, the city’s first black District Attorney, resigned in 2007 amid public outcry over high-profile murder cases being dismissed, and a $3.7 million judgment against Jordan for discriminating against dozens of white employees. He fired 43 of them immediately after taking office in 2003.