Bodega Adventure Rentals has the best ways to get around Bay St. Louis

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS - Why would you walk around Bay St. Louis, when you can try something new?

The cheerful staff at Bodega Adventure Rentals showed me a few options in the water, and on the streets.

MY favorite ride was the bicycle built for two, and not just because we spun our wheels past one of the town's iconic angel trees.

"There's a bike path going all along the beach,” Bodega Adventure Rentals owner Kevin Jordan said. “From here all the way to Silver Slipper if you're that brave. Summer in Bay St. Louis is like Florida, but not as far."

Kevin's one-stop-shop is actually four businesses in one.

"The next time you're in Bay St. Louis, look for the big coral-colored building,” Jordan said. “You can relax with some yoga, eat some lunch, shop at the liquor store, or rent a vehicle for your next adventure."

Whether it's with wheels, paddles or pedals, you'll be exploring in style!