NOPD: Couple shops Walmart with their own price tags

NEW ORLEANS -- A Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde, or maybe Spencer and Heidi in this case.

Jeffrey Johnston and Leilani Walther are on the run from the law, according to NOPD.

They're accused of taking Walmart's old "Always Low Prices" slogan to the next level by using their own price tags to buy items at Walmart at lower prices than the store marked them.

It was a surveillance video that gave up the sneaky shoppers.

On May 25th, a sharp eyed security guard spied the pair using false 'universal product code labels' to purchase items on the cheap at the Walmart on Behrman Place in Algiers.

According To NOPD, after they slapped their own labels on the merchandise, they used a self-check out lane.

Jeffrey Johnston and Leilani Walther are currently wanted for 18 counts of theft by fraud.