Pho Festival celebrates Vietnamese heritage

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HARVEY, La. -- If you want to immerse yourself into a big bowl of pho, then the annual Pho Festival may just be the best place for you.

It's an annual event put on by the Vietnamese American Community in Louisiana.

They use this time to raise funds for their organization and to share their heritage through shopping, music, and food.

"I feel like the younger generation...they have kind of lost it a little bit. They don't know much about the Vietnamese heritage or where they came from. It's very important to know what our ancestors had to go through in order to get here," says the vice president of the organization, Jimmy Do.

Of course you can see how some of the Vietnamese cuisine is cooked, but through chatting with the community you can learn about their culture as well.

Such as how Vietnamese families live.

"Sometimes in a household you may have 3 families that live under one roof. So, we are a tight knit and family oriented," says Do.

If you want to learn how to order your food in Vietnamese, then we've got you covered on that too.

"If you wanted a pho noodle just say 'tôi có thể ăn tô mì không' which means 'can I have a bowl of noodles?' says Do.

"When they give you the ticket you just say 'cảm ơn bạn,' which is 'thank you,' says Do.

The festival lasts June 9 to June 10 in Harvey, Louisiana.

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