Veteran NOPD officer convicted of malfeasance in office after targeting romantic rival

NEW ORLEANS — A 20-year NOPD veteran faces up to five years in state prison after a jury convicted her of using NOPD resources to look up personal information on a romantic rival she harassed and threatened.

Carolyn Dalton photo courtesy Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office

Officer Carolyn Dalton was found guilty of malfeasance in office, according to District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro’s office.

In January 2013, a woman in St. Bernard Parish filed a harassment complaint and obtained a restraining order against Dalton, who reportedly threatened to “get her” if she didn’t end a relationship with a man Dalton was also dating.

The NOPD’s Public Integrity Bureau investigated and determined that Dalton had used the computer system in her patrol car to look up the other woman’s home and business addresses.

The NOPD said Dalton used law enforcement databases to find the information, without having been assigned an investigation that would have required such a search.

According to the DA’s office, Dalton was placed on desk duty in 2013. It’s unclear whether she is still employed by NOPD. NOPD has not responded to a request for comment on Dalton’s employment status.