Sweaty students: Air conditioners stolen from New Orleans East dance school

NEW ORLEANS -- In New Orleans East at the Kelly School of Dance, they are feeling disheartened after thieves vandalized and stole four large air conditioning units from the roof of the building.

Adrianne Mitchell, the owner of Kelly School of Dance, said that recently they were practicing in the studio when they realized that no cool air was circulating.  A parent noticed that the air conditioning units were vandalized and stolen off the building.

"Nothing's working.  We have no air.  We have no windows in the studio.  It really is a problem.  We are rehearsing for a recital at the end of the month and the heat is unbearable,"  Mitchell said.

The Kelly School of Dance does have insurance but they still have to pay a deductible and they need funds to upgrade their security system so something like this doesn't happen again.  An air conditioning technician looked at the damage and said that copper from the air conditioning units and other important components were stolen and vandalized off the units.

The Kelly School of Dance has set up a Go Fund Me page to help with expenses caused by this theft.

"This is very inconvenient, and very uncomfortable and why.  This is senseless," Mithchell said.

About 100 students attend the Kelly School of Dance.

For more information about the Kelly School of Dance, click HERE.