Hurricane season is here: How to storm proof your home

NEW ORLEANS -- Hurricane season is here, and all it takes is one severe storm to damage your home.

That's why WGNO meteorologist Adam Bowles made a quick safety stop at Chief Meteorologist Hank Allen's house to make sure his house was ready to weather any storm.

Here are some tips for preparing your home:

  1. Trim your branches: Be sure to remove any branches that could blow up against your home during strong winds.
  2.  Remove loose objects in your yard: You have to pick up any loose objects like lawn chairs, grills, and umbrellas that could get blown  around in high winds.
  3.  Board up your windows: It's important to board up your windows to protect them from flying debris.
  4. Park your car away from trees: Be sure to do this so a tree doesn't fall on top of your car. If there are too many trees around, ask a friend or a neighbor to share their garage or carport.

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