Shuckin’ Around Town: Trenasse

NEW ORLEANS - Ahead of this weekend's Oyster Fest, we're Shuckin' Around Town to try some of the best oysters in New Orleans.

There will be tons of great oyster dishes at the Oyster Fest this weekend, but nothing as big as the "log" they serve at Trenasse. We checked it out and it was amazing!

Matthew Farmer is the Chef de Cuisine at Trenasse. He told us about some great dishes they'll be serving up at Oyster Fest - ceviche oysters, crawfish mac & cheese, boudin stuffed chicken wings, smoked boudin links, and ceviche and chips. But we were really there for the oyster specialty - The Log.

This massive log is covered in all types of oysters - chargrilled, fried, baked - you name it. They even have one covered in bacon! Farmer says his favorite is the Intercontinental Oyster, "that’s our house chargrilled oyster it’s made with champagne butter and parmesan cheese." But don't fret if your krewe can't handle over 30 oysters, they have multiple sizes.

Trenasse also has an every day happy hour from 3 pm to 6 pm, where they serve up 75 cent oysters!

No matter how good an oyster dish is, Farmer know's one thing for sure, "It’s all about the oyster you know, as fresh as can be as cold as it can be everything else is just fluff really!"