Benjamin Franklin High School to get major athletic facility improvements

New Orleans-- Ben Franklin High school will see huge improvements in their athletic facilities, thanks in-part to the Drew Brees Dream Foundation.

The school held a ceremonial ground breaking Wednesday afternoon, with Saints quarterback Drew Bress and Saints owner Gayle Benson in attendance. Renovations in-store will be upgrades to the Falcons' locker rooms, press box, concession stand and restrooms at their athletic field, as well as the addition of lights.

"For me it's about putting our young people in the best position to succeed," Brees said. "Providing them with every opportunity in life-- whether it be academic, whether it be athletic, whether it be the arts-- to allow them the opportunity to be the absolute best that they can be. That's what I see in this room. That's what I want for my children. I think that's what we want for all of our young people because they are the next generation. They are the next leaders in this community, and they're going to be what allows us all to flourish as a community in the future."