Bacon S’mores! Would you eat it?

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Test Kitchen Taylor is twisting up this delicious summertime treat - Bacon S'mores! The folks on Instagram are split:

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Bacon S'mores

1 lb. bacon slices, halved
12 large marshmallows
2 bars chocolate
8 rectangle graham crackers

  • Preheat oven to 400º and place a baking rack inside of a baking sheet.
  • Make a bacon weave:
    • On the baking rack, line 3 bacon halves side-by-side. Lift one end of the middle bacon slice and place a fourth bacon half on top of the side pieces and underneath the middle slice. Lay the middle slice back down.
    • Next, lift the two side strips of bacon and place a 5th bacon half on top of the middle piece and underneath the sides. Lay the side slices back down.
    • Finally, lift the other end of the middle slice and place the 6th slice on top of the side pieces and underneath the middle slice. Repeat to make a second weave.
  • Bake until bacon is crispy, 25 minutes. Transfer to a paper towel-lined plate to blot grease.
  • Lay out 12 graham cracker squares on a baking sheet and top each with two chocolate squares and one marshmallow.
  • Turn oven to broil and watch as marshmallow browns. Once browned, remove from oven.
  • Take bacon sheet and place between two half s'mores and enjoy!

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