After 100 years of hair do’s and don’ts, just one rule at this barber shop

BATON ROUGE, La - If you head to Baton Rouge, Louisiana and you hope to hear the latest buzz, it's here for you to hear.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood has discovered it.

It's on just one corner of the capital city.

It's at Webb's Barber Shop.

Wild Bill asks Louis Tillotson, one of the barbers at Webb's, "where do you get your hair cut?"

Louis answers, of course, "at Webb's."

Wild Bill asks another barber who happens to be Louis's son, Quentin D. Tillotson, "who cuts your hair?'

Quentin says, "I do!".

Webb's has been in business, at the same Louisiana location for close to 100 years.

It's the oldest licensed barber shop in Louisiana.  And it's also one of the oldest barber shops in America.

That's almost a century of haircuts.

"Good haircuts, " Louis Tillotson reminds you.

That's why Webb's Barber Shop is still in business. That's why nobody has a bad hair day with four barbers waiting for you to walk through the front door.

Father and son Louis and Quentin D. Tillotson.

And brothers Lindell and Lenny Davis.

Wild Bill asks Lenny Davis, "what does a new do, do for you?"

Lenny Davis says, "makes you smile, brightens your day, makes troubles go away, it brings out the best in you."

After almost a century, Webb's Barber Shop has created a history of hair do's.

And Webb's has turned barbers into more than barbers.

They become pastors, doctors, lawyers, friends.

Nobody gets an appointment at Webb's.  If you want a haircut, you just have to show up at the front door.

Wild Bill says, "I hear people show up at four in the morning just waiting for the doors to open!"

Customer Ray Vicks says, "yea, I show up earlier than that and sleep in the car because it's worth it."

There's just one rule at Webb's Barber Shop.

It's up on the wall on the sign that says "No Cursing".

Barber Lenny Davis says, "we don't allow cursing because we have children and grandmothers who come in here."

They get all the good gossip here.

Lenny Davis says, " some good, some bad, some true, some not."

So what happens in the barber shop,  stays in the barber shop.

At least for the last hundred years, that really has been, the buzz.