Who’s that voice? Nobody says hello like the lady on the phone at the Superdome

NEW ORLEANS - Friday, April 25 is National Telephone Day.

Let's talk about it!

But it's more than just one day out of the year for one fine lady in New Orleans.

It's every day.

That's because she's the voice on the phone at the Dome.

Everybody knows the Dome, the Superdome.  Around the world, it's super famous.

You can go there.  And you can call the Dome.

And when the phone rings, who answers it?

WGNO News with a Twist features reporter Wild Bill Wood wants you to meet the voice on the phone at the dome.

Way down under the dome, she is the voice, the only voice on the Superdome phone.

Here name is Aline W.  Spurlock.

She always answers when anybody from anywhere in the world calls the Superdome.

She gets some crazy calls.

Because it's the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, some  callers think it's a place to get your car repaired.

Aline Spurlock says, "they want service, they want their brakes repaired."

Sometimes they call from far away and ask what the weather is like down there.

Wild Bill says, "people must think you know everything!"

She says, "you're the second person today who's said that!"

After millions of calls, nobody says hello the way she does.

She has not always been a kind voice on the other end of the phone.  She worked for fourteen years as a fourth grade teacher.

And you can figure once a teacher, always a teacher.

She still corrects people when they call and ask for something incorrectly.

There's one thing that hurts her feelings.  That's when callers just hang up.

Aline Spurlock says it hurts when they do that.

That's why it's time to let her go, you can here the phone ringing at the Superdome.