There was a second line on Sunday full of footwork, bands, and a camel?

NEW ORLEANS – Second line Sundays have returned to New Orleans,  and yes we all missed them!

They never really left, just took a quick break because of Jazz Fest.

This past Sunday the Divine Ladies Social & Pleasure Club held their second line Uptown.

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Family and friends from all over the city paraded the streets to have a good time.

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The parade started on Saint Charles Avenue and Jackson Avenue.

They proceeded down Saint Charles to Washington Avenue to Baronne Street.

They made a stop at Verret’s Bar and Lounge, to pick up the court.

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The Divine King, Marvin Millon was riding on a camel!

The things you see in NOLA!

(video provided by twist host LBJ)


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People of all ages, shapes, and sizes had a great time, filled with nothing but New Orleans culture.

The Big Six Brass Band performed and the parade ended at Tapps II and Fox Bar III.

Special guest included Classy Ladies Social Club, Divine Ladies  Booster Team, and Dumaine Street Gang S & P Club.

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Even the footwork king himself, our favorite guy Scubble, was showing off his amazing skills.

For more information on second lines to come, visit indi_cnndoll’s Instagram, and for great videos from the second line visit our favorite man, itchy_world on Instagram.

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