Smile. Chew. Smile some more. It’s the most delicious day of the year

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NEW ORLEANS - What is the most delicious day of the year?



New Year's Day.

No, it has to be Valentine's Day.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood says it's actually none of the above.

It's National Chocolate Chip Day.

Yes, it really is a day.

It's a holiday. Okay, Wild Bill Wood says it's actually an unofficial holiday. But it's a day, all right.

It's the kind of day you really have to take a big bite out of.

It's just a morsel of a thing.  The chocolate chip, that is. But it's really the kind of day to take a bite from.

Chocolate chips appear mostly in chocolate chip cookies.

They wouldn't be chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips.  They'd just be plain, simple sugar cookies.

Not bad cookies, but not chocolate chip cookies.

No history of the chocolate chip cookie could be told without Ruth Wakefield.

Ruth Wakefield comes from Whiteman, Massachusetts.  And Ruth Wakefield's history with the chocolate chip cookie starts back in 1937.

Ruth worked at a place there called the Toll House Inn.

Starting to sound familiar, Toll House Inn?  Toll House Cookies.

Ruth Wakefield wanted to make her mark at the Toll House Inn with her own style of cookies to serve customers who would come in for something sweet to eat.

Ruth Wakefield had an idea.

She cut up chunks of Nestle chocolate bars.  And Ruth would put those chunks into her cookie batter.

And guess what? People who came to the Toll House Inn loved Ruth Wakefield's cookies.

They loved her cookies that would become Toll House Cookies.

That's the history of the cookies that give you a real reason to celebrate the day.

National Chocolate Chip Day.




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