4D show simulates World War 2 at the National WW2 Museum in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS-  There really is a place where you can see snow in New Orleans.   If it's been a while since you've been to the World War 2 museum, you might want to head back to see "Beyond All Boundaries".   That's the film, narrated by Tom Hanks, that gives you a 30-minute sense of what it was like to be in World War Two. Twist reporter, Adam Bowles went to she show and got a behind the scenes look at the amazing special effects.

The show is designed to simulate the World War 2 experience including the visual sensations of gun fire and war planes on attack. "Beyond All Boundaries" also reminds us of the dark side of the war.

"The screen relights itself with animation of a concentration camp and the guard tower spotlight actually shoots and it shoots the audience to give the audience a feel of their being searched for as well," Paul Parrie says.

The sensory experience continues to amaze audiences of all ages.

"Yea it was amazing you could really feel it in your seat like shaking you and when the snow came down its pretty cool," Arthur Lozinski says.

The "snow" falling from the ceiling is actually soap bubbles!

But the most impactful reviews of the show come from actual World War Two veterans themselves. "If they liked it we're golden and they came out they had tears come out of their eyes and they said you guys nailed it," Paul Parrie says.

The show costs 6 dollars including general admission to the museum.