Sweet dreams in a hotel bed that requires a boot camp to make

NEW ORLEANS - On Bourbon Street, Royal Sonesta New Orleans is the hotel where the halls are alive.

They're alive with the sound of vacuum cleaners! It's a really kind of hotel.  The best!

But WGNO News with a Twist features reporter Wild Bill Wood sneaks up to a room door, any door and hears the sound of something else.

It's the sound of somebody making a bed.

But not just basic bed making.  Not at Royal Sonesta New Orleans.

Wild Bill says every bed at this hotel becomes, the National Monument to Sleep.

You'll see what Wild Bill is talking about.  The beds are award worthy.  They are perfection.  With feather pillows.

The beds are just part of the hotel's plan to re-invent itself for the first time since 1969.

Royal Sonesta General Manager Al Groos says the hotel's bed making style is crisp, clean, comfortable.

In fact, so comfortable, Al decides to take a little nap in the middle of this story.

As Al says, the bed is the heart and soul of every room.  Without the beds, people would have no need to come to Royal Sonesta New Orleans.

That means the housekeeping staff is drafted and sent to bed making boot camp.

It's tough.  It's war.  It's a battle against any bed that is anything less than beautiful.

If you get the chance to take at least a nap on one of these beds, appreciate the perfection.

Appreciate the hard work that goes behind the bed making at the Royal Sonesta New Orleans.

And sweet dreams.