Live performers jazz up City Park’s historical train ride

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NEW ORLEANS -- All aboard the historical musical train tour at City Park.

This new, 45-minute long ride teaches families about the history of the park from tour guides who sing and dance.

"I like the part where I get to stand on top of the train, just kidding," jokes one of the performers, Alexander Martinez Wallace. "It doesn't happen. No, I like that I get to sing and sing on a train. It's very rare."

The tour includes nine original songs written by Paul Soniat specially for this summer-long attraction.

"He was like, what happens if we make this a musical, and I was like, ahhhh that is not a bad idea," says the executive director of Friends of City Park, Casie Duplechain.

"The music that he wrote, you can feel his love for the park coming through it, he's been working here for over 35 years," says Duplechain.

As riders chug-a-lug along the tracks, they learn special nuggets of information about the park.

For instance, they learn how the park was segregated until 1958 and the fact it has the most registered live oak trees in the world.

"We actually touch on the founding of New Orleans, so it kind of ties in very nicely with the 300th anniversary," says Duplechain.

So take a toe-tapping ride through City Park, and you might just be whistling a different tune next time you come for a visit.

For more information on times and tickets, click here.

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