Get the Skinny on 5 chef favorites to add nutrition + interest + crunch to any dish!

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The smallest details can make a big impact – and this is especially true with food! We’re Getting the Skinny with Molly on a few chef tips and tricks to add visual interest, superfood-nutrition and crunch to any dish!


Think beyond croutons or candied nuts: These 5 ingredients immediately add an interesting twist to any dish.  Sprinkle atop salads, soups, roasted vegetables, even seafood, pork or chicken.


Pomegranate Seeds | available frozen + in produce section at stores from Walmart to Whole Foods

  • Per ¼ cup: 40 calories, 0 sodium, 10 grams carbohydrate, 2 grams fiber, 7 grams sugar
  • Add bonus: Naturally anti-inflammatory, pomegranate seeds are rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, and Also shown to help protect against certain cancers and Alzheimer's disease.


Kale Chips

  • Per ½ ounce (approx ¼ cup): 70 calories, 100 mg sodium, 6 grams carbohydrate, 1.5 fiber, 1.5 grams sugar, 3 grams protein
  • Rich in antioxidants. Excellent source of vitamins A, C and K. Raw + vegan, which maintains their natural enzymes.


Pepitas | pumpkin seeds, plain or roasted

  • Per 2 tablespoons: 80 calories, 0 sodium, 1.5 grams carbohydrate, 1 gram fiber, 0 sugar, 4 grams protein
  • Good source of antioxidants, and minerals like iron and magnesium


Dried Onions | Asian Markets

  • Per ¼ ounce (about ¼ cup): 8 calories, 0 sodium, 2 grams carbohydrate, 0 fiber, 0 sugar
  • Very low in carbs + calories, plus compounds in onions are linked to health benefits including reduced risk of several types of cancer, improving mood, and healthy skin and hair.


Flash-Fried Garlic | Asian Markets

  • Two ingredients: Garlic and oil
  • Per tablespoon: 10 calories, 0 sodium, 1 gram carbohydrate, 0 fiber, 1 gram sugar
  • Very low in carbs + calories, plus compounds in garlic are linked to lower blood pressure and improved cholesterol.




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