No joke. Tequila made by comedians. Get it at Rouses Markets

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NEW ORLEANS - It's no joke.

There's a new tequila in town.  And it's here because of two comedians.

They are also brothers-in-law.

They are Alex Reymundo and Ron "Tater Salad" White.

Not sure why Ron White has the nickname "Tater Salad", but now he and his co-comedian are in the tequila business.

They actually met over a shot of tequila and a beer in Texas back in 1989.

That's a fact.

A fun fact.

And now it's a fact that the tequila these two guys are behind is all over the state of Louisiana at Rouses Markets.

That's where WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood is bellying up to the bar.

The tequila bar.

To be be best tequila, to be number one, you have to be Number Juan.

That's the tequila that's on the shelves at Rouses Markets across Louisiana.  Rouses Markets has always been known for the bourbon sold.

Now, the feeling is, tequila is the next bourbon.

Number Juan Tequila has quite a story.

It starts in the agave fields of Mexico.

Amatitan, Jalisco Mexico, on the map.

These two funny guys have a serious chapter in this story.

They believe this corner of the world is where God himself actually kissed the earth.

That's why it's fertile.

That's why the land there is rich.

And that's why it's great for growing blue agave.  That's what this tequila is made from.

And a man named Don Juan Alejandro gives his name to the tequila that's now exclusively at Rouses Markets across Louisiana.

According to the makers, it's no joke, it's the best.

It's Number Juan Tequila.





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