There she is: the Plaquemines Parish Queen of the Sea (food)

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PLAQUEMINES PARISH, La. - Plaquemines Parish has no shortage of kids.  And it's the parish with no shortage of kids who really are amazing.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood has found one kid from Plaquemines Parish who's not just amazing, she's down-right-royal.

That's because she's royalty.

And she's now one of Wild Bill's Amazing Kids brought to you by your friends at The Keating Law Firm.

Her name is Emily Fincher.

She's 17.

Emily is a student at Belle Chasse High School and she's also a student at NOCCA, New Orleans Center for Creative Arts High School where Emily FIncher looks like the ringmaster in a circus.

She is really is a ringmaster.

And the circus is on stage at NOCCA.

Emily Fincher's job is to juggle scenery.

She juggles it in and out.

She juggles it back and forth during a two and a half hour musical that's on stage at NOCCA.

Watching this show makes Wild Bill Wood wonder.

Wild Bill asks Emily Fincher, "when did your show business window of opportunity open?"

Emily Fincher says, " when I was 10, I was an actor and then when I was 12, my grandparents took me to Broadway in New York where I saw the top shows on stage."

That's when Emily Fincher says she realized she wanted to be in theater design.

And that's what Emily studies at NOCCA.  That's where she is a stage manager.

But somehow, even though this high school senior has moved from center stage to back stage, she still sees herself in the Louisiana state spotlight.

Emily Fincher is the Plaquemines Parish Seafood Queen.  Her royal reign is for one year.  Emily travels from fairs to festivals to parades to promote everything good from the Gulf.

As the Seafood Queen of Plaquemines Parish,  Emily Fincher knows the answer to just about any question that comes up about seafood.

Like, how many peel and eat shrimp can you peel and eat in one hour?

Emily says, "30. Unless the shrimp come from Plaquemines Parish and then you cannot stop eating them."

How many oysters do you have to open to find a pearl?

Emily says, "every oyster from Plaquemines Parish has a pearl!"

And what's the best bait for bass?

In Plaquemines Parish, any kind of seafood, according the Seafood Queen.

Her high school friends know to follow her cues on stage when she's the stage manager.

But they also know, she's a star of the sea.

They get it.

She's the queen.

Wherever she goes, she's got the crown.

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