News With A Twist broadcasts live in Plaquemines Parish

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BELLE CHASSE, La. -- The News With A Twist crew packed up their gear and cameras and hit the road to wow audiences in Plaquemines Parish.

Tamica and LBJ hosted the five and six o'clock Twist shows, a fan favorite for several loyal viewers.

"When it comes on I don't move, I stay in one spot and it's real good," says News With A Twist viewer, Dorothy Tinsy.

"I watch news with a twist when I want to hear something with a twist, see something with a twist, but its' good," says News With A Twist viewer, Leander Taylor.

The Belle Chasse High School band and cheerleaders all had a role to play as well.

Plus, there were several informational booths set up and all-you-can-eat for free.

"I love it, it's great for the kids and everybody came out and have fun,” says News With A Twist viewer, Roosevelt Alverez.

But all this fun isn't possible without hours and hours of pre-planning beforehand, making sure each and every twist show on the road goes off without a hitch.

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