Police have every angle covered for this armed robbery except an arrest

NEW ORLEANS -- The New Orleans Police Department is working to solve an armed robbery at a convenience store on South Broad Street.  The case is the latest to roll on the Wheel of Justice.

The robbery happened last Friday, April 20, at the Fast Stop in the 2700 block.

Surveillance footage provided by the NOPD shows the two robbers who targeted a convenience store on South Broad Street on April 20.

At about 10:45 that night, two men showed up at the store and at least one had a gun.

The NOPD released security camera footage that covered just about every angle of the attack.

The first clip shows the pair walking outside and along the side of the business.  In the second clip, the robbers begin to trot toward the business' front doors.

From there, the following clips show one of the robbers remaining at the front door while the other goes inside and rushes up to the counter.

The robber at the counter aims a silver revolver at  a store worker, forcing him to open two cash registers and empty the money.

The robbers run from the scene.  The entire robbery lasts about 60 seconds.

If you'd like to see the surveillance video, click on the video button at the top of the page to watch the latest Wheel of Justice report.

If you have information that could help police track down the culprits, call CrimeStoppers.  Remember, you don't have to reveal your name or testify in court, and you could be eligible for a cash reward.

So far, 375 people have landed behind bars after their cases rolled on the Wheel of Justice.