Fired Saintsation who accused team of discrimination offers to settle complaint for $1

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NEW ORLEANS -- Two former NFL cheerleaders have offered to settle their respective discrimination complaints against the league under one condition: that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell meet with four cheerleaders for four hours in "good faith," according to ABC News.

The former Saintsation cheerleader, Bailey Davis, claims she was fired over Instagram posts that showed her wearing a one-piece outfit that the Saints claimed was inappropriate. But Davis said the Saints had just made her change her Instagram account to private to coincide with what her attorney claims is an “antiquated stereotype of women."

Davis says she and other Saintsations were not allowed to dine in the same restaurants as Saints players, and if a player showed up at a party or restaurant where a Saintsation was, the Saintsation had to leave. She said Saintsations have to block all Saints players from social media accounts, but those rules do not apply to Saints players.

Meanwhile, Kristen Ann Ware, a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader, also has sued the league for discrimination, claiming that after she told players she is a virgin, coaches sat her down and told her not to discuss her virginity with players. She said she only revealed that information after she was asked.

According to Ware, the coaches also made her change into a bikini during that same meeting to make sure she was "calendar ready."

Both women are represented by the same attorney, Sara Blackwell, and both say the lawsuits are not about the money.

"This is about having respect for our sport and standing up for our sport and standing up for women," Davis told ABC News.

The NFL released the following statement to ABC:

"Everyone who works in the NFL, including cheerleaders, has the right to work in a positive and respectful environment."

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