What a cute kid! But wait until you hear how he gets money from his mom

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PONCHATOULA, La - Even in her home, even in her kitchen, Vicky Derks is still a Ponchatoula school teacher.

Vicky's kitchen becomes a classroom for her own three Louisiana kids.

The lesson she's teaching her own three is how to create a beignet breakfast buffet.

When the buffet is ready to devour, Vicky calls the roll.

There's her daughter Jolie who's ten.

Then son Robert who is eight.

And finally Dale, Jr. He's six.

As the kids consume the beignet breakfast buffet they created, they don't take the first bite without saying the blessing.

All this is a blessing.

And as WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood figures out that it's a blessing that quickly becomes a family free for all.

Except one family thing that is not free.  Not any more that is.

And that's the story for Wild Bill's Amazing Kids brought to you by your friends at The Keating Law Firm.

Wild Bill asks Dale, Jr. "you charge your mom to come into your bedroom?"

Dale, Jr. says matter of factly, "yea."

Mom says she could not believe her son stands there at the door, blocking her from coming as she has two arms full of folded laundry.

And Dale, Jr demands that his mom pay him to come into his bedroom.

It's like a toll gate.

It's like a tax on mom for just being mom.

Mom simply responded the first time this happened, "I told him no absolutely not. I could not believe I was being charged to enter and deliver folded laundry into my own son's room."

The answer was no.

That's until she found out the answer to the question, why?

Vicky Derks says, "he started explaining his reason and told me it's for charity, he's raising money for charity."

With the money he makes.  That's the money he takes,  Dale, Jr. buys craft supplies for a nearby retirement home.

Vicky Derks says, "he told me he wanted to raise money and collect craft items for old people."

Dale, Jr. and the family even deliver the craft items to people who have no idea who he is or what he's up to.

Wild Bill asks Dale, Jr. " why do you care about a bunch of old people at a nursing home?"

Dale, Jr. says, "because they're old and they cannot live much longer."

What kind of heart does this six-year-old kid have?

According to his mom, "this was a first time thing for him. I'm quite surprised. He has the biggest heart out of anyone that I know."

A young man with an old soul is not making a fortune.

He's just making a difference.

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