Why do they call Eggs Benedict, Eggs Benedict?

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NEW ORLEANS - Today's the day.

It's April 16. The day after April 15,  Tax Day.

And it's also National Eggs Benedict Day.

It always is on this day.

It's the day set aside from all the rest just to enjoy a plate of poached eggs under a delicious thick blanket of Hollandaise sauce.

That's all sitting on a couple of English muffin halves.

And in between all of that  a chunky layer of either ham or Canadian bacon.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood is at City Diner in Metairie, Louisiana where Eggs Benedict are on the menu today and in fact every day.

While Wild Bill is there, Wild Bill is wondering.

Why do they call Eggs Benedict, Eggs Benedict?

There are in fact two different versions of that story.

The first one takes you to New York City.

And back to the year 1894.

That's when a stockbroker ordered his favorite dish.  His dish was his favorite food in the whole world to have every day for breakfast.

His name was Benedict. That's Lemuel Benedict.

Lemuel Benedict would order toast with butter, poached eggs, bacon, always bacon. And always crisp.  And he'd order one more thing on the side.  That was a side of Hollandaise sauce.  Lemuel Benedict insisted on the sauce.

He'd order up his favorite dish at New York City's Waldorf Astoria Hotel.  The staff and the other customers there at the Waldorf were so impressed by what Lemuel Benedict would devour for breakfast, they decided to put it on the menu.

They made a few changes, though.

Instead of bacon, they put ham on the dish.

And instead of toast with butter, they made another big change.

They served it up on English muffins.

And oh yeah, they named it after Lemuel Benedict.

That's one story of how Eggs Benedict gets its name.

The other one has a pope in it. That story goes back to the 18th century.

Pope Benedict XIII liked an egg dish.

He liked it so much, the Pope would order it all the time.  He loved it so much.  He ate it so much, the dish was eventually named Eggs Benedict for him.

No matter where the name comes from, enjoy the day.  And the Eggs Benedict.






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