Deep-fried ribs? It’s on the menu at Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival!

PONCHATOULA, La.-- If you're like me, you love fried food.

At Hookie's, a mom and pop stop in Pontchatoula, they are frying up some ribs.

You heard it right, deep fried ribs.

"One Sunday afternoon, my wife and I, we went home and said okay let's play with this. We went through batches, naw that's not it. Once we finally got to what was pleasing to our palettes, then we presented it to the church," says pastor Edward Palmer.

Palmer is the pastor of Unity Christian Fellowship, a church located in Hammond.

The idea was well received after members of of the church got a taste.

Now, the church uses the ribs as a big selling point during the strawberry festival as a way to raise funds for church needs.

"We have an opportunity this year to purchase a building for our Sunday school class for our children, and we are in desperate need because we really don't have the room for that," says Palmer.

The church has been a vendor for 15 years and uses proceeds from their booth for things like maintenance on their church building, the chairs, and the church sign.

So, this church is feeding the community something savory, and they are receiving an gift that will help build the churches future for years to come.

"I know our food is unique, and for that person who is looking for something to explode or burst on their tongue, or something different, we offer it," says Palmer.

Their goal for this year's fundraiser is $19,000.