Update: French Quarter Fest canceled Saturday, will reopen Sunday

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French Quarter Fest crowds on Thursday, April 12

UPDATE: French Quarter Fest is canceled Saturday and will reopen Sunday

NEW ORLEANS — City officials and French Quarter Fest organizers will meet late Friday evening to determine whether the threat of severe weather Saturday will cause the festival to be canceled or postponed.

New Orleans Fire Chief Timonthy McConnell said two-four inches of rain are expected from mid-morning Saturday to Saturday evening, but if any of those rain bands stall, it could be up to six inches.

There’s also an “enhanced risk” for damaging winds, high wind gusts, possible tornadoes, hail and flash flooding.

With the French Quarter full of people and festival tents, wind gusts of up to 75 mph could create unsafe conditions.

“It’s certainly one of the things we’re weighing,” McConnell said.

Police Chief Michael Harrison is urging residents to stay home if at all possible when the severe weather rolls in Saturday.

“It’s a danger for you and it’s a danger for first responders,” he said.

Check back for updates.