Woman gets robbed while participating in shell game on Canal Street

NEW ORLEANS — An initial report from the New Orleans Police Department says a woman was robbed at a shell game that was underway on Canal Street.

It happened at about 10:00 Tuesday night, April 10, in the 800 block of Canal Street.

According to an initial report, the woman was participating in a shell game then left to retrieve money from an ATM.

Upon returning, she did not wager any money in the game but helped another person decide which shell to choose.

At one point, the woman extended her hand to point to one of the shells.  She was also holding money in the hand that she retrieved from the ATM.

That’s when a man who, according to the report, was running the shell game grabbed the money from her hand and walked away from the scene.

The crime is listed as a simple robbery, or a property snatching.  As of the following night, the department had not made an arrest or released any additional details on the investigation.