Love it, Like it, Hate it: Sparkling Beverages!

Staying hydrated is always important, but it’s especially critical if you’ll be spending the day under the sun – and with festival season kicking into high gear this week with the French Quarter Festival Presented by Chevron, hydration is a top priority!  And since hydration can extend far beyond just plain water, today we’re Getting the Skinny with Molly on the best & worst options when it comes to sparkling drinks on shelves.

  • How much fluid we need:  Half of our body weight in ounces, plus 16 ounces for every pound of sweat lost.
  • Hydration tip:  We tend to drink more of a beverage when it’s flavored, so flavored sparkling water can make it easier to meet our fluid needs.

GOOD NEWS:  There are TONS of “LOVE IT” options, easy to find at any type of store + even French Quarter Fest!

LOVE IT | zero calories, zero sugar, zero artificial sweeteners or colors

Available at stores ranging from Walmart, Target & Costco to Rouses & Whole Foods

  • Bubly – new on shelves, available at most grocery stores + French Quarter Fest
  • Dasani Sparkling
  • Target Simply Balanced
  • Bai Bubbles
  • La Croix
  • Whole Foods brand sparkling
  • Ozarka Sparkling
  • Perrier

LIKE IT | zero calories, zero sugar, contains artificial sweeteners

NOTE: Artificial sweeteners are not typically in our “LIKE IT” category – but these sparkling drinks can be a “stepping stone” to gradually acclimate taste buds and habits to adapt to the “LOVE IT” natural, unsweetened sparkling waters

  • Clear American Sparkling Water (Walmart) | artificially sweetened with aspartame & acesulfame potassium
  • Market Pantry Sparkling Water (Target) | artificially sweetened with sucralose

HATE IT | high-calorie, high sugar, may contain artificial food dyes as wells

  • Tonic Water – 130 calories & 32 grams sugar per 12-ounce serving
  • IZZE Sparkling Juice – 90 calories & 21 grams sugar per 8-ounce can
  • Sparkling Ice – 0 calories & 0 sugar – artificially sweetened AND artificial food dyes

Up next:  Eat Fit at French Quarter Fest with Eat Fit food & drink at 20+ vendor booths! 

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