Louisiana high school launches ‘Life Skills’ class for seniors

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THIBODAUX, La. -- Some high school seniors may be struggling with chemistry or math, but one Louisiana school has decided that they will not struggle with life skills.

It's a class at Edward Douglas White Catholic High School that is offered in the curriculum for seniors for an entire semester.

The class teaches everything a student needs to know about life skills as they prepare to enter the real world.

"The students research their possible careers, education, skills needed, and then we go into the job application process, the interview process, the resume writing process," says life skills teacher, Alisha Bergeron.

These students are learning all about budgeting, writing checks, and overall how to be responsible with their future finances.

"With like banking and taxes and stuff, there is a lot of extra stuff I have never considered," says Philip Caldwell, a senior at E.D. White Catholic High School.

The trend, is that these millennials are ready to strip that negative title, and basically kick some butt in life.

They're even learning how to jump start a car and how to change a flat tire.

We spoke to another senior, Kai Antolin, who says the tire changing lesson has already come in handy on a way to a softball game.

"We saw smoke coming out from the tire, and so we pulled over and nobody in the vehicle knew how to change a tire and I was like, well I guess I do! So, I put the tools to use," says Antolin.

In all, it's the kind of class that seniors find to be essential for life.

"It's an easy A, and you are actually going to learn stuff that you are going to use," says Caldwell.

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