Cajun fiddler Amanda Shaw releases new album, ‘Please Call me Miss Shaw’

 NEW ORLEANS– Renowned Louisiana musician Amanda Shaw released her new CD called, “Please Call Me Miss Shaw.”    The CD consists of seven songs including her popular singles, “Holiday” and “Soulful Dress.”

Her new album showcases her talents as a musician, vocalist, and songwriter, and of course it showcases her natural talent of playing the fiddle.

Other songs on the new CD include:  “Lipstick Stain Blues,” “How Lucky are You,” “Dirty Blonde,” “Naked to the World,” and “Wednesday Night Waltz.”

Shaw said her new album takes a look at her evolution, authenticity, and commitment to music.

Amanda Shaw will be headlining the 35th annual French Quarter Fest on Saturday night at  7:30 p.m. on the Chevron Cajun Zydeco Stage.

For more information about Miss Shaw, click HERE.