Kids get a surprise from their favorite superstars a day before WrestleMania 34

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NEW ORLEANS -- When I reached the convention center for WWE Axxess, I ran into Gannon, a WWE superfan. He showed me around a little bit, taking me through the WWE Superstore and showing me all he's done while at Axxess. Gannon and his cousin told me they were supposed to meet WWE Superstar Braun Strowman but somehow their tickets got messed up.

Well, I did a one on one interview with Strowman earlier that week and asked him could he do me a favor for a couple of kids. So without standing in line, Gannon and his cousin got to spend a little time with Braun. They surely can knock that off the bucket list!

Meanwhile, next door at Mardi Gras World, 28 kids from the Make A Wish Circle of Champions were there to be inducted into WWE's Circle of Champions.

WWE Superstars Samoa Joe™, Natalya and Sasha Banks, WWE Ambassador Dana Warrior, and WWE Announcer Jojo™ met with the Wish kids and participate in a float parade at Mardi Gras World. The surprise superstar? John Cena came out of nowhere! Kids went crazy!

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