La. lawmaker uses fake news to vote against medical marijuana: report

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Rep. Dodie Horton. Photo credit: Louisiana Legislature

BATON ROUGE — A North Louisiana state representative said the reason she was voting against a bill to expand medical marijuana was because 37 people died the first day that recreational marijuana was made legal in Colorado.

Rep. Dodie Horton made the claim in a committee meeting, but there’s one problem with her statement: It’s false.

According to The Advocate, Horton was citing an article from The Daily Currant, a satirical news site.

The bill, which would expand medical marijuana prescriptions to people suffering from glaucoma, severe muscle spasms, intractable pain and post traumatic stress disorder, passed the committee and will now move to the full House for consideration. But the committee amended the bill to remove smokable marijuana and only allow the cannabis oil that is currently included in the state’s medical marijuana program.

When The Advocate’s Capitol reporter tweeted about Rep. Horton’s error with a link showing the statistic as fake news, the lawmaker responded on Twitter, saying that she “was given this info from a so-called ‘Trusted’ source but now know that the story was not credible”

A staffer for Horton also blocked the reporter on Twitter, but Horton later apologized to her in person and said she would instruct her staff to unblock the reporter on social media.

Read The Advocate’s full recap here.

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