It’s takes two to tango. And it takes two to do acrogymnastics

NEW ORLEANS - Any way to possibly take this act to the mall?

Well, four amazing New Orleans kids say, yea, we could.

That's right after they return from the Olympics of Acrogymnastics.

These kids really are amazing.

That's why they're Wild Bill's Amazing Kids brought to you by your friends  atThe Keating Law Firm.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood asks, how good to you have to be to go to the Olympics of Acrogymnastics?

Looks like really, really good.

Team USA has four amazing members from New Orleans.

Lally Seither, she's 13 and in seventh grade.

Samantha Conway who is 18 and a freshman at Loyola studying political science.

Nate Brooks is 11.  Nate is in sixth grade.

Brody Seither is 17 and a tenth grader.

This dynamic foursome has been working hard.  That's why they've headed to the world games for acrogymnastics going on for two weeks in April in Belgium.

The coach for these New Orleans acrogymnasts was once ranked number four in the world.

He's an expert at this crazy, convoluted, mold yourself like a big ball of playdough kind of sport.

It looks like Cirque du Soleil meets musical theatre meets more tumbling and flipping with a side of cheerleaders thrown in.

Their field of dreams is Crescent City Gymnastics at 7800 Earhart Boulevard in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The field of dreams sometimes sounds like the mat of misery.

Acrogymnastics is not an official Olympic sport.

Not yet.

But go ahead and get the gold medals polished.

And just like the kids from this Team USA, just hang on.