The place where St. Teresa of Calcutta stayed while visiting New Orleans

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NEW ORLEANS -- As you know, Louisiana is rich in its Catholic history.

There are many places in Louisiana with historical and religious significance. One of those places is St. Michael Special School in Uptown, where St. Teresa of Calcutta visited.

The historic convent at St. Michael Special School -- which provides educational and vocational opportunities to people with developmental disorders or special needs --  is undergoing a major renovation, but before we take a look at the future of the convent, let's take a look at its past.

School officials say they're not exactly sure when the convent was built, but they estimate sometime in the 1850s.

Tish Sauerhoff, president and principal at St. Michael Special School, says the convent has been a special part of the school's history.   Sr. Lillian McCormack, an Irish Catholic nun from New Orleans, established the school and lived in the convent.

One memorable moment for Sr. Lillian was when she had a special visitor: Mother Teresa, now known as St. Teresa of Calcutta.

"She came to give a speech at the Catholic Daughters of America, and she actually stayed with Sr. Lillian, and stayed in her room."

They will be preserving Sr. Lillian's room, and the convent renovation includes new classrooms, a music room, a chapel, and an updated technology lab.

"We're actually going to preserve all these wood floors, as much as we can salvage," Sauerhoff said.

While preserving the convent's past and building for a bright future, it looks like there's room for even more history to be made.

For more information about St. Michael Special School, click HERE.  

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