Cold treats for a cause: Gelato you can share with your pups!

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NEW ORLEANS -- With the summer months approaching, we all get by with a little help from an ice cold treat. Sucre has come up with a gelato that is not only pet-friendly, but human-friendly as well.

"It's everything we love, bacon and peanut butter," laughed Tariq Hanna, cofounder and executive chef of Sucre.

Pupulato runs at $3 a scoop and has been available at all three Sucre locations for the last five months. Hanna has four adopted French bulldogs himself, and the creator of the puppy gelato adopted her pup from the LASPCA last year.

The only difference between this gelato and regular gelato is that it is made with coconut milk, to lower the lactose and make it less sweet so that dogs can digest it easier. It is completely safe for humans though; just think of it as sugar-free gelato!

"My fur baby inspired the puppy gelato, because anything that I can do for the LASPCA that also benefits Sucre is my goal," said Signe Seabord.

A portion of all of the proceeds goes to benefit the LASPCA, and they have raised a little over $1,800 to date.

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