A behind the scenes look of The Phantom of the Opera

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NEW ORLEANS -- The mesmerizing production of The Phantom of the Opera has finally arrived at the Saenger Theatre, and we have a behind the scenes look at the show and an interview with the phantom himself.

Andrew Lloyd Webber's beloved musical is one of the longest running Broadway shows.

This revamped version is now dazzling viewers from around the world.

"Putting the show into the building, we travel with about 20 technicians and then we also take in 75 to put the show into the building," says stage manager, Mitch Hodges.

Let's not forget the fan favorite moment of the show, the moment the phantom destroys the famous chandelier.

"Our chandelier kind of plays a character in our show, so the Phantom uses it to manipulate us throughout the show to kind of remind both the audience and the players in the opera house that he is still in control," says Hodges.

Quentin Oliver Lee is starring as the phantom in this production, and he helps explain the unique love story between Christine and the phantom.

"There is something, the way she sings a certain way, it really calms him down so he really needs that in order to feel whole and safe," says Lee.

Lee says the moral of the show really teaches viewers a unique story of compassion.

"Hopefully they will feel a sense of mercy and love for people who might not do the best things. Sometimes the phantom is very misunderstood and does things that aren't great," says Lee.

In real life, Lee says he's nothing like his character.

After an interview full of giant smiles and a lot of laughs, I can definitely vouch.

The Phantom of the Opera will run at the Sanger Theatre from now until March 25th.

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