What’s cooking? A high school culinary team with the right recipe to be #1 in America


HAMMOND, La – The number one team from Hammond High Magnet School is not on the football field .

It’s not on the baseball diamond.

It’s not on the basketball court.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood finds this team is really cooking. They’re really cooking in a kitchen of a classroom.

It’s the culinary team from Hammond High Magnet School.  The team just won the state of Louisiana cooking contest.

And now the team is headed to the high school Super Bowl for high school chefs.  The contest is at the end of April in Rhode Island.

The award winning team from Hammond High Magnet School is team of food loving teenagers.

Andrew Cambre.  He loves barbecue ribs.

Sara Biamonte.  She loves chicken and dumplings.

Cade Kershenstine.  He loves bacon.

Trenton Oliphant.  He loves cannolis.

And Khloe Chen.  And you know what she loves.  Khloe loves tacos.

When the team from Hammond High Magnet High won the state contest, the kids beat out 20 other teams from around Louisiana.

And the team did it with the kind of crazy contest rules that would drive most any other chef to scream, “holy guacamole!”

They had to make a meal with no electricity, not a single volt. Not even a plug.

And they had no running water. Not a drop. Dry as a bone.

And they had no refrigeration.

They did it.

At at the national contest, they’ll have to go by these same crazy culinary rules.

This team is not worried.

They figure, they really do have the right recipe.