‘Cruise Ship Idol’: here’s how you can be a star on a Carnival cruise ship stage

NEW ORLEANS - Is there a show business career in your future?

Well, maybe.

And maybe your stage is aboard a Carnival cruise ship.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild BIll Wood is ready to set sail with a stage full of talent auditioning in New Orleans with dreams of entertaining the world on the high seas aboard a Carnival cruise ship somewhere sailing around the world.

At the New Orleans auditions, Carnival was auditioning for singers, horn players, piano playing entertainers, string trios, country singing duos and even a DJ.

Carnival asks that if you step up on stage to audition, you need to be familiar with all kinds of music.  That includes contemporary music styles.

If you're stepping on stage to show your skills with a particular music instrument, you need to be proficient playing it.

Carnival wants you to be able to sight read music and even to be able to play just about any song by ear.

Show business hopefuls showed up from as far away as 500 miles from New Orleans.  They drove into New Orleans with a song in their heart and a future performing aboard one of the 26 Carnival cruise ships.

You can audition in person, like all these folks in New Orleans.

Or you can go online and audition.

If you want to audition on line for Carnival, all you have to do is click right here, please.

If you're more inclined to audition in person, for the schedule of where Carnival is auditioning next, all you have to do is click right here, please.