Teen pleads guilty to manslaughter charges for 2014 killing of pizza delivery man in Mid City

NEW ORLEANS - A teen has pleaded guilty to manslaughter and armed robbery for the 2014 murder of a pizza delivery man.

Christopher Yeager, 35, was shot to death while delivering pizza near St. Louis and North White Streets in Mid City.

Nineteen-year-old Shane Hughes and 18-year-old Rendell Brown, who were both 16 at the time, were accused of shooting Yaeger during a botched robbery attempt.

Yeager family reads emotional statements in court

Brown entered the plea deal to an amended manslaughter charge this morning.

The plea deal comes with a 40 year sentence.

Hughes did not enter a plea, and his pretrial date was set for March 23 with a trial date of April 17 at the same hearing.